PRTech: The Building Of An Ecosystem

What is PRTech?

As technology continues to shake up everything in the media realm, and marketing undergoes shifts driven by the digital landscape, PR is likewise making a move to embrace a more programmatic, data-focused approach to optimization and outcomes. The result is an industry that is evolving into an “ecosystem” model, much like Advertising did with the explosion of the Internet and social media.

Considered “the final frontier” of the automated marketing puzzle, PRTech – like AdTech emerged several years ago – is quickly becoming an area of interest and focus for investors, innovators, and industry luminaries. Just as social media’s amplification ability and the rise of search engines transformed AdTech a few years ago, PR is beginning to feel the impact of emergent technology.

Why is PRTech important?

  • PRTech is raising the industry’s “accountability bar” by demanding that PR professionals across the globe use data to drive and optimize their efforts

  • PRTech is giving the role of PR the credit it deserves through the use of technological innovation and quantitative measurement

  • PRTech is providing companies and publishers insights into what is working in terms of content and messages

  • PRTech provides context for an industry lacking in technology

  • PRTech shifts the paradigm of the PR silo from “cost center” to “profit center” as the industry begins to have solid metrics to prove the true impact of PR beyond mere brand awareness

  • PRTech is establishing PR as a significant piece of the digital marketing puzzle and a key driver of business

  • PRTech makes it easier to understand the tremendous opportunities for innovation and investment within the overall ecosystem

  • PRTech is ensuring PR pros don’t have to rely on purely anecdotal or observed data

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